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Drip Tray & Splash Guards

Domaille Engineering’s Fiber Optic Drip Tray and Splash Guard boasts a user-friendly design that revolutionizes the cleaning process, offering improved drainage for lightning-fast cleanup. Our Fiber Optic Drip Tray and Splash Guard are designed to reduce water contamination for your valuable polishing machine, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient workstation.

Our user-friendly design makes cleaning faster and more efficient by improving drainage as well as reducing water contamination to the polishing machine and surrounding workstation.

This two-part system is designed to be interchangeable with the previous drip tray as both require the same mounting bracket assembly.

Parts available for purchase

  • PM12065F-Drip Tray
  • PM21025-Drip Tray Bracket
  • PM22097-Locking Collar
  • PM12066F Splash Guard– Standard Fixtures
  • PM12067F Splash Guard– Dual Cam Lock Fixtures
  • PM12068F Splash Guard—High volume Fixtures
  • PM12069F Splash Guard- DCL MAX, MT-DC Fixtures

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