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DE8850 / DE8880

With our OptiSpec® DE8850 / DE8880 inverted microscope, you can inspect connections while loaded in a fixture without damaging the fibers.

An inverted view

The OptiSpec® DE8850 / DE8880 inverted microscope provides multiple time-saving operations/capabilities, including inspection while loaded in a fixture without damaging fibers. The DE8850 / DE8880 comes equipped with a blue LED light source and allows you to adjust the intensity with an added dimmer.


  • High-resolution video
  • Video magnifications 200x, 425x & 875x (1720 optional)
  • Quadruple turret nosepiece
  • Long working distance optics
  • Stage inserts for standard and custom polishing fixtures
  • X-Y centering stage
  • Custom configurations available
  • Domaille has designed a new fixture allowing for inspection of new PFC AbraSave® technology
  • Monitor and inserts not included

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