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Curing Ovens

Our universal curing ovens are designed to cure epoxy on single and multifiber connectors as efficiently as possible, enabling maximum productivity.

Curing Ovens

Our curing ovens offer the most consistent thermal pattern in the industry, as well as, multiple interchangeable carrier trays supporting most connector types. Ovens are available in both 120V and the CE rated 240V models.


CO-6500 / CO-6600

The CO-6500 / CO-6600 Curing Oven maximizes productivity when curing epoxy on single and multi-fiber connectors. Loading up to 24 MT connectors is easy.

CO-6700 / CO-6800

The CO-6700 / CO-6800 Curing Oven is designed with high-resolution user interfaces, allowing more control over your curing process.

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