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Custom & Legacy Fixtures

We manufacture all Domaille polishing fixtures with the same accurate, durable, and high-quality standards.

Custom Fixtures

Domaille Engineering’s fastest-growing market segment is custom polishing solutions. Our product development team is continuously working on new products and custom solutions for a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies.

We have engineered creative technology solutions for holding and polishing fiber bundles, fiber arrays, custom connector styles, lasers, hypo needles, glass tubes, and many other unique applications.

Legacy Fixtures

Many of our original legacy fixtures are still supported by Domaille Engineering.

Our polishing fixtures are all made with Domaille’s superior quality, accuracy, and durability. A unique serial number is assigned to each fixture, allowing for easy tracking of its performance over time. For quick and accurate identification, port numbers are clearly marked.

The ferrule inserts in most fixtures can be replaced or repaired. A damaged fixture can be replaced or repaired, extending its lifespan.

Supported Connector Styles

  • FC
  • FO (Ferrule Only)
  • LC
  • LC Angled
  • LX.5
  • MT
  • MT Angled
  • MTRJ
  • MTRJ Angled
  • MU
  • SC
  • SC Angle

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