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DE2600 / DE2600-S1

The OptiSpec® DE2600 / DE2600-S1 provides a quick view of all MT end faces and can zoom in on individual fibers.

Quick view

Domaille Engineering is proud to announce the release of our new OptiSpec® DE2600 / DE2600-S1 microscope. The DE2600 / DE2600-S1 offers a quick view through guide pin holes of the entire MT end face, as well as the ability to zoom in on each individual fiber. With the DE2600/ DE2600-S1, you can connect to any of the standard PC and APC connectors, including the entire series of MT connectors.


  • Ideal tool for production area, as well as laboratory inspection
  • View the entire MT end face and each individual fiber
  • Adjustable ring light illumination and blue LED co-axial illumination
  • High-resolution CCD video
  • Video magnification 42x, 589x & 1184x
  • Receptacles for UPC, APC, and multi-fiber connectors
  • Monitor and adapters not included

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