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Polishing Fixtures

Our polishing fixtures are made with the same superior quality, accuracy, and durability as our polishing machines. We offer AbraSave®, custom and legacy fixtures.

Quality, Accuracy, and Durability

Domaille Engineering manufactures fixtures for polishing all industry-standard optical fiber connectors. In addition, we design and fabricate custom fixtures for emerging connector technologies and proprietary projects. Using our innovative Dual Cam Lock (DCL) system, we also offer Ferrule Only (FO) fixtures.

In addition to AbraSave®, Domaille Engineering also provides Ferrule Length Compensation (FLC) fixtures. The models are available in 10, 12, 16, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 72 port configurations.

Hardened stainless steel is used for all models, with ferrule holes and bores held to industry-leading tolerances.


AbraSave® Fixtures

The AbraSave® technology can be adapted to almost any cable or connector style. This Unique Path Technology can reduce polishing time by up to 50% while extending abrasive film life by up to 90%.

Custom & Legacy Fixtures

All of the Domaille Engineering polishing custom and legacy fixtures are manufactured with superior quality, accuracy, and durability.

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Get the best optical fiber connector polishing equipment and machinery from a global leader.