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A full line of high-quality fiber optic microscopes is available with our OptiSpec® microscope line for both production and laboratory use.

High-quality inspection

OptiSpec® provides high-quality fiber optic inspection capabilities for both production and laboratory settings. Domaille also offers over 50 adaptor connector variations and engineering services to design custom adaptor connectors. OptiSpec® fiber optic microscopes extend Domaille’s high-quality product offering in the demanding optical fiber industry.



The OptiSpec®DE2503 microscope is designed for large and small fiber optic cable assembly companies.

DE2600 / DE2600-S1

The OptiSpec® DE2600 / DE2600-S1 provides a quick view of all MT end faces and can zoom in on individual fibers.


Domaille OptiSpec® DE3200-S2 Bare Fiber+ inspects bare fiber end faces and side profiles.

DE8850 / DE8880

With our OptiSpec® DE8850 / DE8880 inverted microscope, you can inspect connections while loaded in a fixture without damaging the fibers.

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