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Fiber Optic Polishing Machines


The APM-HDC-5320 polishing machine is designed to address the need to efficiently polish a large volume of fiber optical connectors while maintaining a consistently high level of quality.Ā 

Superior & Accurate Polishing Performance

Multifiber applications are made easier with the APM-HDC-5320. Polishing pressures of up to 20 pounds are used to polish a large volume of connectors efficiently while maintaining high levels of quality.

The APM-HDC-5320 has programmable ramp rates for pressure and speed. In order to ensure a superior and accurate final result, the required pressure is automatically recalculated to ensure that the individual connector force remains constant.


  • PC-based full-color capacitive touch screen programmable interface for defining and storing unlimited processes and for easy-to-use, error-free operation
  • USB is used for machine-to-machine process replication and process backup
  • Automatic pressure adjustment to account for a varying number of connectors inserted in the polishing fixture
  • Operator step-by-step prompts for film, pad type, and lubricant
  • Password protection of system configuration, process configuration, and process transfer modules
  • Force, speed, and time displays on the touch screen panel for feedback on process step-specific settings
  • Programmable pressure and speed ramp for soft starting polishing cycle
  • Programmable film change counter
  • Programmable maintenance section
  • Pneumatically-controlled polishing pressure provides consistent polishing force regardless of ferrule length
  • Pivoting overarm provides easy cleaning of fixtures between steps and quick change of fixtures
  • Standard 5″ platen with 8″ option provides flexibility in fixture capacity and polishing film size
  • Drip tray & splash guard swivels in for quick and easy cleaning of fixtures between steps
  • Quick-change fixtures support all industry-standard connector types, both single and multiple fiber (Fixtures sold separately)
  • Available in English, Mandarin, & Spanish

International Use and CE Certification

The APM-HDC-5320 satisfies universal power requirements. The machine safely operates within a range of 100-240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. A changeable IAC connector is supplied with the machine. Additionally, the APM-HDC-5320 complies with the directives of the European Union and is CE certified.

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