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Fiber Optic Laser Cleaver


Domaille Engineering Fiber Optic Equipment’s OptiSaber® Laser Cleaver is the finest fiber-forming machine on the market which increases production yield on multi-fiber (TMT) applications.

OptiSaber® OS7000M-TMT Laser Cleaver

Something about…
The OptiSaber® OS7000M-TMT Laser Cleaving Ferrule
Eliminate cracking or chipping associated with mechanical cleaving
Uniform epoxy removal and starting point for the polishing process, reducing polishing film costs
Eliminates handling of scrap fiber associated with mechanical cleaving


  • Compact: 21” x 9” x 4-3/4” (530mm x228m x 120mm)
  • Fast, Reliable & Affordable
  • Single and dual rows
  • 120/240 volt available

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