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Air Cleanse

Domaille Engineering Fiber Optic Equipment’s Air Cleanse Wand kit features an integrated pressurized fluid and filter system, ensuring debris-free cleaning operations can accurately spray air, fluid, or pressurized mist. Features 2μm filter, effectively eliminating process variables linked to contaminated cleaning fluids.

Proper cleaning

Domaille’s technology team developed the Air Cleanse wand after watching multiple cleaning methods and seeing how improper cleaning caused scratches to the fiber end face.

The Air Cleanse wand kit has an integrated pressurized fluid and filter system for debris-free cleaning operations. As a special 2μm filter eliminates process variables associated with contaminated cleaning fluids. It is designed for integration with the Domaille polishing machine by connecting to the existing air line. Use the wand to clean polishing media from any surface including the polishing fixture, film, or machine. The Air Cleanse wand can accurately spray air, fluid, or a pressurized mist.

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