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Laser Cleavers

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest fiber optic polishing solution. We have designed OptiSaber® Laser Cleavers to provide simple, fast, and affordable solutions to eliminate fiber cracking caused by mechanical cleaving.

OptiSaber® Laser Cleaver Series

Domaille Engineering Fiber Optic Equipment is proud to extend our newest solution for the fiber optic polishing product line. Our OptiSaber® Laser Cleaver series provides simple, fast, and affordable cleaving eliminating cracking of fiber caused by mechanical cleaving.



The OptiSaber® OS7000M Laser Cleaving is designed to address the need to efficiently cleave a large volume of MT ferrules while reducing operating time, and costs, and increasing yield.


The OptiSaber® OS7000S is a single-fiber laser cleaver that provides significant cost savings and reduced process variation.


The OptiSaber® Laser Cleaving System is designed to address the need to efficiently cleave optical fibers for the production of PRIZM® Light Turn & MXC® connectors.

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