Domaille Engineering is the global leader in precision optical fiber connector polishing machines.

Domaille’s optical fiber polishing machines are accurate and repeatable consistently achieving superior production results when measuring apex offset, radius of curvature, fiber protrusion, back reflection, and under-cut.

Two factors are of utmost importance when selecting a polishing machine: Yield and throughput. Yield is an indicator of quality and repeatability. Throughput is a measure of productivity. The Domaille polishers are leaders in the industry in terms of both yield and throughput.

All Domaille Engineering’s precision polishing machines are designed for superior performance by utilizing a rigid fixture system, which is  a significant improvement over standard floating fixture type machines. By allowing you to adjust platen force, speed, and time, it will satisfy virtually any exacting specification.

Although all models of the Domaille Engineering machines hold the same ultra-precise tolerances, the more advanced machines offer higher degrees of automation and process control, such as soft start capabilities of speed and pressure.