The OptiSaber™ OS7000M Laser Cleaver is the finest fiber forming machine on the market that increases production yield on multi-fiber (MTP/MPO) applications. Significant cost savings and reduction in process variation associated with cracking are typical of mechanical cleaving methods. Additional time savings include: uniform starting point for less polishing, consistent epoxy removal, elimination of safety concerns (minimize handling of scrap fiber), and reduction in the overall cost of terminations.


  • Compact: 21” x 9” x 4-3/4” (530mm x 228m x 120mm)
  • Fast, Reliable & Affordable
  • 0° / 8° patent pending tilt adapter
  • 120/240 volt available

System Performance Criteria

  • Recommended Protrusion: 100µ
  • Co-planarity: 10µ
  • Cleave Angle: 10-14°