Custom Fixtures

Custom polishing solutions is one of Domaille Engineering’s fastest growing market segments.  Domaille’s product development team is continually working on new product development and custom solutions for the wide variety of Fortune 500 companies.

They have engineered creative technology solutions for holding and polishing fiber bundles, fiber arrays, custom connector styles, lasers, hypo needles, glass tubes, and many other unique applications.


Domaille Engineering continues to support many of our original legacy fixtures.

All of the Domaille polishing fixtures are manufactured with the superior quality, accuracy, and durability found in our polishing machines. Each fixture is uniquely serialized which allows for easy tracking of individual fixture performance. Port numbers are clearly marked for quick and accurate identification.

Most fixtures have replaceable/repairable ferrule inserts. If one is damaged, it can be replaced or repaired, increasing the life span of the fixture.