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Advanced Fiber Optic Solutions

We are the global leader in polishing machines, fixtures, and accessories for optical fiber connectors. We offer complete solutions to improve quality to achieve a top-performance optical finish.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the highest quality solution through the innovative use of technology that allows our customers to gain a competitive edge.

Full Lifecycle Support

Your uptime is our top priority. Complete repair and calibration services are available for all polishing machines, fixtures, laser cleavers, and associated accessories.

Providing advanced fiber optic solutions

Our products help our customers quickly and reliably produce optically efficient polished connections needed to meet key cable performance requirements.

Fiber Optic Polishing Machines

We consistently achieve superior production results when measuring apex offsets, radiuses of curvature, fiber protrusions, reflective back reflections, and undercuts. We currently offer two unique models:

Curing Ovens

Our universal curing ovens are designed to maximize productivity when curing epoxy on single and multi-fiber connectors. Ovens are available in both 120V and CE-rated 240V models.


Our OptiSpec® microscope line offers high-quality fiber optic inspection capability for both production and laboratory settings. Microscopes we offer:

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Get the best optical fiber connector polishing equipment and machinery from a global leader.