Domaille Engineering conducts steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis, plus steady and unsteady fluid flow analysis. Domaille also conducts heat transfer analysis capabilities to solve linear and nonlinear thermal challenges by considering conduction, convection, heat flux, heat generation, radiation and thermal contact in steady-state or transient analyses.

Fluid flow analysis capabilities solve steady and unsteady flow patterns for incompressible, laminar, Newtonian or non-Newtonian fluid flow. Turbulence capabilities enable the prediction of turbulent flow (large changes in velocity over small distances) and laminar flow (smooth, gradual changes in velocity distribution) at the same time in the same model.

Domaille Engineering's use of combined heat transfer and fluid flow analysis capabilities allow us to simulate a product's behavior when both thermal and fluid flow factors interact. This combined with our knowledge of thermal materials and innovative manufacturing techniques have produced solutions that have exceeded customer expectations.