Domaille has a full line of cure oven trays and FiberView connector holders compatible with our Universal Cure Ovens.

Universal Cure Oven Trays

  • Vertical Carrier Tray, 48-Position: Part # CO15048
  • MT Tray, 24-Position: Part # CO15001
  • Horizontal Tray, 24-Position: Part # CO15012
  • PRIZM® LightTurn® Tray, 12-Position: Part # CO15401
  • Cure Tray, Flat: Part # CO15015

FiberView Connectors

  • Designed to protect the fiber during the assembly, handling and curing process
  • Has viewing port for verifying fiber protrusion before curing cycle

Part Numbers

  • CO10125
  • CO10200
  • CO10250
  • CO10625